"Salmon" get Best in Show in Changzhou,Dec 1, 2013


"Salmon" get 2 X Best in Show and BIS3 in Taizhou,Nov 23-24, 2013


"Salmon" get BIS1 and BIS2 in Jiaxing,Nov 16-17, 2013


"Salmon" get Best in Show in Suzh$L̪ԌE$L̪Ԍ 

"Salmon" get Reserve Best in Show in Nantong,Nov 3, 2013


"Salmon" get BIS3 and BIS4 in Nanjing April 6-7, 2013

  • Salmon get BIG1 and BIG2,finish China Champion in Shanghai China

  • Salmon get BIG4 in Shenzhen China 2-3 Mar 2013

  • Salmon get Reserve Best Puppy In Show and Best Puppy Of The Year 2012




  • Salmon finish Thailand Champion in Dec 16,2012.

  • Salmon get Best In Show In Thailand Dec 8-9,2012.